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We Will Not Forget
We will Not Go Away
We Will Not Be Silent
We Will Not Die

This Aboriginal Sovereign Position, Legal Entitlement and Draft Treaty was written after consultation with Aboriginal Members of the Sovereign Aboriginal Coalition attended at Alice Springs on 19th to 21st June 1987 and incorporating the advice of the Aboriginal Sovereign Communities throughout these our Sovereign Domains.

First published by Treaty '88 in 1987

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Angus & Robertson
1973 Edition

'The only answer is to give them back their land rights and let the Aborigine try to rectify what the white man has done, because a white man'll never do it ... [T]hey've taken Australia and it's more or less as though they've taken us! They came out here and they landed in one spot and they took the whole of Australia. Where does that leave us? We're just campin' on a white feller's reserve ...' Alice Briggs, Community Worker
Purfleet Reserve, Taree, NSW

Because A White Man'll Never Do is the classic account of the struggle for land rights and justice by one of the most important Aboriginal thinkers of our time. Kevin Gilbert brought together poems, race memories, reports and speeches by various Aboriginal people to create one powerful voice of Aboriginal Australia calling for recognition and change.

Other Editions

Angus & Robertson

Angus & Robertson

Stewart Harris said: "This book is the first work by an Aboriginal politician and it's a fine wise thing, which thunders with anger, shines with truth and sings with a sweet compassion ..."

First published by Angus and Robertson in 1973

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ISBN 978-0-9876030-6-7 (iBook)
ISBN 0 9588019 (print)

Kevin Gilbert was widely respected as Aboriginal Australia's most prominent poet and most powerful spokesman before his much-lamented death early in 1993. This moving and stirring collection of poetry represents the last complete work he passed for publication prior to his death.

Direct, passionate, humane and full of keen wit, Gilbert's verse appeals across racial and ideological boundaries to the noble soul within us all. As well as poems that plea for a greater understanding of the plight of Aboriginal Australia, Black from the Edge contains poems that reveal another side of this inspirational man; a pensive, candid genius attempting to achieve a quietus in the last years of his extraordinary life. Sensitively complemented by the beautiful photography of Eleanor Williams, Black from the Edge is a timely tribute and testament to a man who will be remembered as one of our very finest poets.

First published by Hyland House in 1994

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ISBN 978-0-9876030-5-0 (iBook)
ISBN 0 9588019 (print)

Through Child's Dreaming, Kevin Gilbert's poetry leads us through the Bush conversing with the wonderful diversity of creatures who inhabit the land. Stunning portraits show these personalities, their colours often so well blended with their environment that the photographs also lead the child into closer exploration and discovery of the worlds the little creatures live in. Kevin Gilbert and Eleanor Williams reveal turtles and eagles, lizards and pelicans, crabs, insects and reptiles, each in its natural surroundings. And when the tour is over and the tales are told at the corroboree, we will have learnt that lesson Aboriginals teach so well:

'I'm part of every living thing and every living thing is part of me.'

This unique book will delight children of all ages but especially younger children for whom it has been written.

First published by Hyland House in 1992

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ISBN 978-0-9876030-0-5 (iBook) available later
ISBN 0-14-004459-0 (print)

'Aboriginal Australia underwent a rape of the soul so profound that the blight continues in the minds of most blacks today.'

Kevin Gilbert has talked with his people and taped their story - in the bush, in small country towns, and in the black ghettos of Sydney and Melbourne.

'What emerges is a damning indictment of the white man for his despicable discrimination, his injustice and intolerance, his ignorance and above all his failure to recognize the Aboriginal as a fellow human being with a deep sense of pride, a history as old as time and an affinity with his land that the white man will never understand.' Herald

'A frank and compelling social document which exposes themes and issues important in everyday lives of Aboriginal Australians. Its criticisms and lessons should not be ignored.' Neville Perkins, The Australian

First published by Allen Lane in 1977, then by Penguin Books in 1978

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ISBN 978-0-9876030-7-4 (iBook)
ISBN 0-14-032314-7 (print)

I remember all those things,
like magic moths with rainbow wings
and spider webs with pearly due,
but the memory I love most
is when I was a little boy
and used to play with my friend

Mary Kangaroo ...

A celebration of a special friendship, Me and Mary Kangaroo is a story for all ages, a lyrical, moving tale to be shared again and again.

'This delightful reminiscence of a childhood has the irrepressible spontaneity and fluency of a much loved tale ... an ageless book.'- Magpies
Shortlisted for the 1995 Australian Multicultural Children's Literature Award (Junior Section)

Cover photography by Eleanor Williams with cover hand colouring by Mark Sofilas
First published in hardcover by Viking in 1994 and in soft cover by Puffin Books - in 1996

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THE BLACKSIDE: People Are Legends and other poems
ISBN 978-0-9876030-4-3 (iBook)
ISBN 0 9588019 (print)

Kevin Gilbert is a poet and author whose work bears witness to the truth of massacre and continuing genocide, which is practiced unashamedly, and with ever increasing venom, against his stubbornly surviving people.

These poems are the authentic echo of Aboriginal grass-roots vernacular - without apology, without politeness, without hypocrisy, for they were fashioned directly from personal experience and built upon captured sentences, singular words of anguish, love and pain and glorious pride, uttered with all the conviction and determination of a People set on liberation. The images reflect this resilience, which resists the evils of oppression and which ultimately enshrines in the speakers, who quest for justice, human rights and love, that essential essence of being that never dies, but remains immortal, legendary.

When England first established its convict settlement on Aboriginal land, the official dictum of the day was 'to instil in them a terror'. That terror is still aboard as witnessed today in Aboriginal deaths in custody; the shooting of David Gundy by police in Redfern; by the governments' refusal to supply clean drinking water, medical facilities, housing to rural and desert Blacks; by the political coercion used to force over eight thousand Aboriginal people to perform forced labor to 'earn' their Social Service payments. In fact, it is a forced labor that white worker unions and the A.C.T.U. would not tolerate, for a moment, if it was enforced on any one Asian, ethnic or white Australian.

Cover photography by Kevin Gilbert and cover design by Eleanor Williams
Photography by Kevin Gilbert and Eleanor Williams
First published by Hyland House in 1990

Available in 2017 - Print editions in English and French

ISBN 978-0-9876030-3-6 (iBook)
ISBN 0 9588019 0 8 (print)

"When the cold August wind abated in its final sigh of emergence from the lean, hard winter months into springtime, the People emerged from the cold, and often leaky shanties, and old discarded car-bodies, which were their home, to gather together their few ragged possessions and tie them in bundles ready for traveling to the cherry orchards, often many hundreds of miles away.

Many would travel by bicycle with their swags swinging crazily from the frames; many traveled in old tattered caravans drawn by horses; many just walked beside the caravans through the red sandhill and mallee country, while the more daring 'jumped the rattler', the slow old steam train that chugged across the land.

Wherever the People gathered there too was a spirit of revival, of intense relief, for the 'cherry season' meant a temporary release from near starvation. In a good season it could mean some old debts would be repaid. It meant food and toys for the children for the forthcoming Christmas season and, above all, it meant some independence, some freedom, from under the crucifying heels of the local police and the white 'station' managers; an escape from the refugee camps called 'Aboriginal Reserves'.

The cherry season was the time for hope, for meeting old friends and relatives, for laughing and for making love. The Cherry Pickers tells it all."

First published by Burrambinga Books in 1988

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Moments in transit towards Aboriginal Sovereignty
ISBN 978-0-9876030-8-1 (iBook)
ISBN 0 9588019 (print)

Humans have now mastered
the art of delivering death to the world.
We have now to master
the art of delivering
humanity and life to the world. KG

Breath of Life is a tribute to the depth of humanity of Aboriginal Peoples who, despite the inflicted holocaust, have not forsaken values and teachings passed down by the oldest living culture in the world. It comes from the teaching that one has to earn one's breath of life in this land by meeting one's responsibility to the land and its Peoples.

First published by Canberra Contemporary Art Space in 1996

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ISBN 978-0-9876030-2-9 (iBook) available later
ISBN-10: 0140111263 (print)
ISBN-13: 978-0140111262 (print)

From the campfires and 'reserves' of the desert, from riverbanks and prison cells, from universities and urban ghettoes come the inside voices of Australia.
These are tough poems that resist the silence of genocide and the destruction of culture. The collection is an angry call for justice and the restoration of land and the Dreaming. The Aboriginal lives glimpsed give white Australians a hint of the deep possibilities of belonging in this land.

Forty voices are heard in this first anthology of Aboriginal poetry.

First published by Penguin Books 1 January 1989

Do You Know What You're Saying by Debby Barben
Eight Beds, Eight Lockers by Debby Barben
Four White Walls by Debby Barben
To Look Yet Not Find by Debby Barben
Black People Cry by Steve Barney
Vision by Steve Barney
Childhood Revisited by Gerry Bostock
Night Marauders by Gerry Bostock
Uranium by Gerry Bostock
Voice From The Bust -- Through Me by Graham Brady
Spiritual Land by Elizabeth (20th Century-) Brown
You Got You Got To Be Told by Elizabeth (20th Century-) Brown
I Need Appreciation by Jim Carlson
The Black Rat by Iris Clayton
Kidnappers by Iris Clayton
The Last Link by Iris Clayton
River Bidgee by Iris Clayton
Boom Time by Stephen Clayton
The Good Old Days by Stephen Clayton
Redfern At Night by Stephen Clayton
Soul Music by Stephen Clayton
Sunshine Prisoner '470' by Stephen Clayton
The Shadow Of Life by Vicki Davey
Aboriginal Australia by Jack Davis
Aboriginal Reserve by Jack Davis
The First-born by Jack Davis
My Brother, My Sister by Jack Davis
Slum Dwelling by Jack Davis
Urban Aboriginal by Jack Davis
Aboriginal Achievement by Ernie Dingo
The Tracks And The Traces by Ernie Dingo
We Are Not by Ernie Dingo
The Last Fullblood by Frank Doolan
The Whiteman Is The Judge by Frank Doolan
Who Owns Darling Street? by Frank Doolan
Dirge For A Hidden Art by Mary Duroux
Lament For A Dialect by Mary Duroux
Ode To Salted Mutton Birds by Jim Everett
Old Co'es by Jim Everett
Rest Our Spiritual Dead by Jim Everett
The White Man Problem by Jim Everett
Ecology by Lionel Fogarty
The Worker Who, The Human Who, The Abo Who by Lionel Fogarty
Celebrators '88 by Kevin Gilbert
Gularwundul's Wish by Kevin Gilbert
Kiacatoo by Kevin Gilbert
Mum by Kevin Gilbert
The New True Anthem by Kevin Gilbert
Peace And The Desert by Kevin Gilbert
Same Old Problem by Kevin Gilbert
Taipan by Kevin Gilbert
Tree by Kevin Gilbert
Won't You Dad? by Kevin Gilbert
Got No Shame by Selwyn Hughes
Home On Palm by Selwyn Hughes
A Letter To My Mother by Eva Johnson
Remember? by Eva Johnson
Right To Be by Eva Johnson
Weevilly Porridge by Eva Johnson
Massacre Sandhill by Grandfather Koori
Never Blood So Red by Grandfather Koori
The Song In The Symbol by Grandfather Koori
The Season's Finished by Hyllus Maris
Spiritual Song Of The Aborigine by Hyllus Maris
Buddeglin Bey by Rex Marshall
Burrel Bullai by Rex Marshall
Little Brown Jacks Nyimbung by Rex Marshall
Child, Leave The Tape Recorder by Jennie Hargraves Nampijinpa
The Kangaroo by Pansy Rose Napaljarri
Two Women Sit In The Shade Away From The Hot Sun by Pansy Rose Napaljarri
The Horse by Valerie Patterson Napanangka
The Rain by Valerie Patterson Napanangka
The Water by Irene James Napurrurla
Two Mothers by Rhonda Samuel Napurrurla
Jacky Demonstrates For Land Rights by Mudrooroo Narogin
Jacky Hears The Century Cry by Mudrooroo Narogin
Jacky Sings His Song by Mudrooroo Narogin
Reincarnation by Mudrooroo Narogin
Song Circle Of Jacky by Mudrooroo Narogin
Streets by Mudrooroo Narogin
They Give Jacky Rights by Mudrooroo Narogin
Crowther -- Ours by Dyan Newson
Turnabouts by Dyan Newson
Colour Bar by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Gooboora, The Silent Pool by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Municipal Gum by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
The Past by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Time Is Running Out by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
The Unhappy Race by Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Sorry by Julie Watson Nungarrayi
Are We The Same by Charmaine Papertalk-green
No One To Guide Us by Charmaine Papertalk-green
Pension Day by Charmaine Papertalk-green
Wanna Be White by Charmaine Papertalk-green
Dust Storm by Beryl Philip-carmichael
Mother by Beryl Philip-carmichael
My Dad by Beryl Philip-carmichael
Pemulwy -- A Visitation by Beryl Philip-carmichael
I Drink Your Love by Luke Roma
I Picture Your Face by Luke Roma
The 'developers' by W. Les Russell
God Gave Us Trees To Cut Down by W. Les Russell
Ngarnbarndtar by W. Les Russell
The Nuclear Winter by W. Les Russell
Red by W. Les Russell
Tali Karng: Twilight Snake by W. Les Russell
Cycle by Bobbi Sykes
Fallin' by Bobbi Sykes
Final Count by Bobbi Sykes
One Day by Bobbi Sykes
Prayer To The Spirit Of The New Year by Bobbi Sykes
Rachel by Bobbi Sykes
Requiem by Bobbi Sykes
Torn Apart by Pam Tjanara-williams
Mary's Plea by Daisy Utemorrah
Life Is Life by Robert Walker
Okay, Let's Be Honest by Robert Walker
Solitary Confinement by Robert Walker
Unreceived Messages by Robert Walker
Black Child by Maureen Watson
Female Of The Species by Maureen Watson
Memo To J.c. by Maureen Watson
Stepping Out by Maureen Watson
And Now We Watch You Crawl, You Crawl by Archie Weller
The Children Play Like Yukana by Archie Weller
From The Bottomless Waterhole by Archie Weller
Ho! Brother by Archie Weller
I Am Waetch by Archie Weller
Kinigar by Archie Weller
Midgiegooroo by Archie Weller
New Earth Mother by Archie Weller
Oh, Domjum! by Archie Weller
Once, When Walking Down The Wet Grey Streets by Archie Weller
Pinjarra Warrior, Where Were You That Day by Archie Weller
The Rain Comes Over The Hills by Archie Weller
Spilt Blood And Tears Like Rivers Flow by Archie Weller
These Coloured Lights by Archie Weller
To The Moore River Settlement We Now Go by Archie Weller
Willy-willy Man by Archie Weller
Wurarbuti by Archie Weller
Yesterday Old Nundah's Eldest Daughter's Son by Archie Weller
Distress Upon The Farm by Laury Wells
The Nomads by Laury Wells
Prelude by Laury Wells
The 'sorcerer' by Laury Wells
I Feel The Texture Of Her Complexion With Both Hand And... by Errol West
Misty Mountainss Tell Me The Secrets You Hold, Of Men by Errol West
'please Mista Do'n Take Me Chilen, Please Mista Do'n' by Errol West
Sitting, Wondering, Do I Have A Place Here? by Errol West
There Is No One To Teach Me The Songs That Bring The Moon by Errol West
Memories Of Christmas by Joy Williams
Rachel by Joy Williams
Shadows by Joy Williams
Sometimes I Look At The Needle by Joy Williams
A Thousand Years Ago I Loved You by Joy Williams

iBook and eBook in preparation