I Do Have a Belief

Kevin Gilbert Exhibition - Canberra March/April 2013 - NITV Report

Part of Canberra Centenary and ACT Heritage Festival at Belconnen Arts Space

Canberra Times 14 April 2013:

Much has been written and said about Kevin Gilbert. a Wiradjuri man from central NSW, but his talent as a writer, poet, printmaker and artist, as well as a passionate political activist , is without question and the exhibition I Do Have a Belief at the Belconnen Arts Centre is a glimpse into his work. There are oil paintings never exhibited, lino-prints, manuscripts, and photographic murals. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is a testament to his political activism and the heady days of 1972 when he was an integral part of its establishment. His art, according to Margo Neale from the National Museum of Australia who opened the exhibition, was from a unique training school in Her Majesty's prison system, where for 14 years of a life sentence he strove to educate himself, learn print-making skills and found a language in playwriting and poetry that is elegant, painful an important in our history. the exhibition opening was a community affair hosted by his family, with the mob coming to town as two wives, six children and lots of grandchildren came together to celebrate the occasion. His children read favourites of his poems and his widow Ellie Gilbert played a recording of Kevin reading his poems made in Alice Springs with his "cigarettes and hard living" voice sending shivers down our spines. Aboriginal actor Trevor Jamieson joined the band, strumming along on the guitar. It was a celebration of a great talent and a man who had the courage to make a stand. See it, read his works, share his beliefs; their power is not diminished by the passage of time.
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